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4 Tips to Create a Stylish and Pet-friendly Home


Anyone with pets knows that it can be difficult to create a home that is both stylish and animal-friendly. Though you might have a penchant for shelves full of knickknacks and rooms filled with plants, you have most likely sacrificed these design elements for the safety of your furry friends. There is no reason to completely give up on style, though, no matter how many four-legged creatures roam your halls. Use these four tips to create a space that is not just pet-friendly, but aesthetically pleasing, too.

1. Flooring 
When designing your animal-filled home, it is best to start from the bottom. DIY Network recommends choosing hard surface floors, like painted concrete or brick, since these are very easy to clean. Hardwood is also a great option, though your pet’s claws can scratch this material. Ceramic tile is your best option – not only is it chic, it is also stain and scratch resistant.

If you prefer carpeting to bare floors, opt for area rugs as opposed to wall-to-wall carpeting. Permanent, room-encompassing carpet has largely fallen out of fashion among home design experts, mostly due to the fact that it absorbs stains, odors and fur. While area rugs are also prone to these things, they are far easier to clean and can easily be removed if they sustain too much damage. The source suggested choosing inexpensive options made from durable materials, such as sisal or seagrass. HGTV notes that once you have decided on your flooring option, it is important to vacuum and mop regularly to eliminate pet odors and hair balls.

2. Art 
Be careful when selecting art to display around your home. If you have a large collection of valuable knickknacks you simply cannot bear to keep hidden away, purchase a glass door cabinet and keep it locked. Statues and baubles sitting on a bookshelf might look nice, but to your pet they look like toys. Safely displaying them behind doors will let you appreciate them while keeping them safe from curious paws. DIY Network suggests decorating your space with mostly wall art hung high enough that animals cannot knock them down.

3. Furniture & Decor
One of the hardest parts of keeping your space looking tidy and chic is the seemingly ever-present issue of animal fur. An easy way to minimize the appearance of hair on upholstery is to match your furniture to the color of your pet, notes HGTV. Since many animals have a neutral coat of white, black or brown, it is easy to design a space around fur-colored fabric. When choosing materials, it is important to pick stain-resistant, durable options, noted DIY Network. Leave velvet and silk behind in favor of fabrics like Crypton, leather, artificial leather or Ultrasuede.

It is also a good idea to invest in stylish storage options where you can stash things like blankets, toys, and remote controls when they are not being used. This will minimize the risk of your pets knocking things over or swallowing dangerous objects. When choosing small appliances to keep your home more comfortable, like fans or space heaters, it’s best to select those that have a slim profile, like the Space-Saving Performance Tower Fan & Remote, which takes up minimal floor space, and can be placed towards a low-traffic corner of the room. Always supervise pets when using a space heater to make your room more cozy, but it’s also important to look for a space heater that can be placed up against a wall, like the Cyclonic Digital Ceramic Heater with Remote Control, which keeps working heaters safely out of the way of furry friends.

4. Pet accessories 
Create an area just for your animal to encourage them to stay off your furniture. Modern pet suppliers offer a variety of stylish options beyond standard pet-store products. Purchase a plush dog bed in the colors of your interior design concept or get your cat a scratching post reminiscent of a fine sculpture, suggests The Humane Society. Try getting accessories custom-made if you cannot find anything that matches your unique decor.

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