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remodel kitchen on a budget

5 Ways to Remodel The Kitchen on a Budget


When you think “kitchen renovation,” you probably think of expensive updates and appliances that break the bank. Refreshing your cooking space does not have to be a draining experience for you or your wallet. Check out these five simple yet effective ways you can remodel the kitchen on a budget and breathe new life into it.

1. Add Some Art Works

Chances are you spent plenty of time trying to pick out the perfect paintings to complete your living room, but did you add a creative touch to your kitchen? The Huffington Post notes that adding art to your walls is an easy way to take this room from functional to fabulous. Try selecting prints with a food theme or use it as an opportunity to display your children’s artwork in a fresh way. Take it off the fridge and put it in nice frames for a wall display. You might also consider adding a few plants to liven up your kitchen. For the kitchen, we recommend Aloe Vera plants, White Jasmine and Aluminum Plant.

2. Paint Your Cabinets

The easiest way to make something old feel new again is to add a fresh coat of paint. Start with creating a color scheme for your kitchen. Keep in mind that primary colors you choose for the cabinets, you should also choose for the different accessories and kitchen tools, such as pot holders, coffee mugs and others. Having a color scheme throughout the kitchen will make everything look more cohesive and put together.

This option is great for people who are tired of their current design but do not want to commit to an expensive remodel. This Old House recommends first using a strong cleaner to get rid of any dirt or residue that may be stuck to the surface of the cabinets. Next, prime and paint the wood with the color of your choice.  Not only is this a cheap way to remodel the kitchen on a budget and improve the appearance of it, but it is also fast. This Old House notes that this entire process can be done in a weekend.

3. Replace Hardware

Spruce up your drawers and cabinets even further by adding new pulls and handles. You can find a wide variety of these very cheaply at most home renovation stores. The Huffington Post suggests stepping outside your comfort zone and installing some unique choices to liven up your space. Try choosing a few different coordinating pieces of hardware and mix and match them throughout the room.

4. Get Organized

Most likely, some of what is driving you crazy is the way your kitchen is set up. An easy way to make your space look better is to organize your belongings in neat, aesthetically pleasing ways. One of the fashionable ways to organize your commonly used ingredients in glass jars. Use glass jars to hold grains, salt, sugar, pasta, and other ingredients of your choices. You can even place name tags on your jars. You will not have to worry about messy packages piling up in your pantry – instead, keep them in order and use them to add decorative charm, noted The Huffington Post. Purchase holders for various utensils, like knives. You will know where they are at all times, and your drawers will be free of annoying clutter.

5. Upgrade Small Appliances 

Doing inexpensive updates to small pieces can make all the difference. There is no need to replace the refrigerator because you are sick of previous design choices, but buying a new countertop mixer in a bright color can add a fresh pop to space. Try getting new coffee makers, electric fans or dishware to liven up the room without spending too much cash.

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