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6 tips for staying warm without turning on the heat


The return of autumn means the return of colorful foliage, apple cider and Thanksgiving – as well as colder air. Turning on your home’s heating system can be expensive, so use these tips to stay warm without it.

1. Close doors 
According to the Huffington Post, closing the doors of rooms that are not being used stops the cold air in these spaces from spreading. It also works to preserve the heat you’re creating.

2. Put up thick window treatments 
Since heat can easily escape through your windows, BBC News suggests making sure you use thick curtains, preferably lined with thermal material. The source also recommends using this technique to cover doors for an added layer of protection.

3. Use area rugs 
The Huffington Post notes that 10 percent of heat loss can be attributed to floors lacking insulation. Use plush rugs to prevent this warm air from escaping. As an added bonus, bare feet will be comfortable and cozy.

4. Pay attention to small holes 
Little openings, like pet doors, can make a big difference when it comes to preserving heat. Grist notes that a leaky cat door might cost an owner an additional $6.72 per month in additional heating costs. Make sure to cover them with a heavy curtain, add weatherstripping, or invest in an upgraded, more energy-efficient door.

5. Use a space heater 
Convenient and affordable, space heaters are  a good way to keep your room comfortable without turning up the thermostat. Since you are only warming up the space you are using, you aren’t wasting money or heat.

6. Use heavier bedding
The Huffington post recommends swapping your light cotton sheets out for a thicker material, such as flannel. The source also suggests investing in a down comforter to trap maximum warmth.

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