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Using fans around the home – different fans for different rooms

Using fans around the home – different fans for different rooms


Looking for ideal fans for home? As you’d expect, each room in your house, apartment or condo is going to have different needs when it comes to fans and air circulation. If you’re looking to offer your home some extra cooling options before the temperature drops, consider these room by room tips.

Home office
Computers can heat up spaces quickly. Luckily, a desktop or table fan can deliver a cool breeze right to your face as you’re working hard in your home office.

Living room
Thanks to their broad spaces and high ceilings, living rooms are ideal for a company, and also great places to install overhead fans. You’ll want to make sure that you pick out a good-sized ceiling fan for space, of course.

Pedestal fans are also effective at cooling large areas. With their tilting heads, they can be used to circulate cool floor-level air up and around the room. Or they can be used to create a breeze to cover you and all your guests in a wide area while staying neatly out of the way.

Not everyone has an exhaust fan over their stove, which is one of the reasons that setting up a box fan in your kitchen can be such a handy tactic. Box fans are great at siphoning hot air out of a room, and as everyone knows, the kitchen can get pretty heated. Whether it’s a project requiring the oven in the middle of summer, or just an overheated day in early spring or autumn, evacuating hot kitchen air with a box fan or window fan is a good idea.

At night, a tower fan can keep your room breezy and create the white noise many seek. Since most tower fans have features including timer and remote control, setting the fan to turn off just as you fall asleep is a great option. If it’s still a little warm in your home, consider funneling in some of that cool outside with a window-mounted fan.

Not getting enough of a breeze outside? Just equip your patio, deck or balcony with an outdoor living fan that will keep you feeling fresh and cool, even when Mother Nature doesn’t.

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