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It's all in the details: What makes for a good space heater

It’s all in the details: What makes for a good space heater


Space heaters don’t just come from a variety of manufacturers – they’re made in different sizes, for different wattages and to serve different purposes. But across all electric space heaters, some basic qualities really stand out.

When you’re shopping for a new space heater, there are a few essential details you should look for. Start with these:

No hot surfaces
According to Consumer Reports, the best manufacturers keep hot surfaces out of reach, which means you can touch or move a heater as it’s running and not need to worry about burning yourself. No hot surfaces also allows you to place your heater on various flat surfaces without scorching wood or melting plastic.

A fan
Consumer Reports also noted that heaters that are equipped with fans distribute warmth much more quickly and efficiently. Models that oscillate can help disperse heat more widely as well.

Plenty of safety features
Safety is of the utmost importance with all portable heaters, which is why you should ensure that the model you pick out is packed with safety features. Sensors that shut off heaters that overheat or tip over are a must, and heaters equipped with timers can also be useful, as they’ll shut off automatically even if you forget to do so yourself when you leave the room.

No one expects a heater to have panache, which is why discovering a good-looking heating unit can be such a pleasure. Some manufacturers are simply better at crafting stylish heaters than others, so find one that fits your room’s decor. Some ceramic space heaters will blend in seamlessly. Of course, you may prefer to invest in a baseboard heater, which stays low to the ground and out of sight.

Quiet settings
Some of the best heaters on the market are the ones that you won’t even know are there once you turn them on. Find a space heater with quiet settings that keeps sound low and your home cozy.

Not everyone is in the market for a luxury space heater, but if you want a top-of-the-line product, you can find it. Just make sure your premium unit has all the bells and whistles, like multi-function remote controls, digital thermostats, long-running timers, energy-saving technology, basic mobility and easy-cleaning filters. Infrared-quartz heaters offer all this and remain cool to the touch.

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