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Use a humidifier to cut down on heating costs this winter

Use a humidifier to cut down on heating costs this winter


In the middle of the summer, there’s nothing worse than thick, sticky humidity. High temperatures are tough, but they’re nothing compared to a high humidity index. So why would you want to bring humidity into your home – especially during the winter?

Nosebleeds, dry skin and other effects of cold dry air can be irritating and uncomfortable. Investing in a room humidifier won’t turn your home into a jungle, it’ll just make you a lot more comfortable – while also cutting down on the heating bill.

Turning down the thermostat is a good way to save some cash on your utility bill, but if you want to make the most of your indoor temperature, consider investing in room humidifiers. By adding moisture to the air, it helps a room retain heat more easily. And the extra energy it takes to run your humidifier is negligible considering the eventual savings you’ll earn from turning down your heat to a comfortable 65 degrees that feels closer to 70.

That’s not the only way to heat your home more resourcefully this winter season. Consider these other tips, as well.

Invest in insulating windows
Not all windows are created equal, and in northern climates most homeowners find that they benefit from Energy Star-rated models that insulate their homes better.

Check your attic for leaks
Attics are major offenders for hot air leaks, which makes your overall heating less efficient as a result. It’s worth checking all around your home for drafts that you can seal up, but the attic should require a thorough going-over. You may want to doublecheck on insulation, too. The U.S. Department of Energy suggested loose-fill insulation, which is inexpensive and providers superior coverage when installed correctly.

Heat by necessity
How many rooms are generally occupied in your home during a given evening? And how many are you heating? If you find yourself warming a whole house when there’s only one room that’s occupied, you’re wasting a lot of power keeping empty spaces heated. Instead, consider turning down the thermostat and investing in ceramic space heaters that can warm a single room while using a fraction of the energy.

Cozy up your living space
Layering clothing is a great way to stay warm in the home, but alongside sweaters, make sure your decor is cozy as well. Keep blankets of varying warmth on your couch – lighter ones for chilly nights and heavier wool ones for when the temperature really drops. These are great decor and keep you comfortable.

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