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Heating costs to rise this winter

Heating costs to rise this winter


Heating expenditures are most often higher in winter than in other months, but the costs of keeping warm this winter will be greater than last year’s. This winter, the average cost of heating for homes using natural gas is expected to reach $679, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

The increase in heating costs over last year’s figures are due primarily to rising energy costs. However, the charges vary depending on the area of the nation you live in since different types of heating are used regionally throughout the country. The West, Midwest and Northeast rely most heavily on natural gas, so residents in those areas will be especially impacted by the rise in natural gas costs.

Not only does the price of energy vary by location, but so does the weather forecast for the coming winter. The Upper Midwest and Northern Plains will be particularly affected, with lots of snow and arctic blasts predicted for some areas. The Northwest and Rockies are also expected to be hit by strong surges of cold, though temperature changes are predicted to be sporadic.

The increased cost of natural gas affecting most areas of the country can be mitigated by only heating rooms in use by employing space heaters. The advantages of portable heaters will also be especially useful for those anticipating to experience drastic temperature contrasts, since they can be used as needed while keeping central heating at a lower temperature.

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