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How to get the best performance from your humidifier

How to Get the Best Performance From Your Humidifier


As the temperatures drop, so does the humidity level. You can avoid waking up with a dry throat with room humidifiers. Though they have many benefits, it is important to use a humidifier properly so that you get the best performance from it. Here’s how.

Start With the Right Water

Though the Environmental Protection Agency has found no harmful evidence against using tap water in a humidifier, it noted that researchers have found that humidifiers excel at dispersing the minerals found in tap water, leaving behind a cloud of fine white dust that leaves some concerned. In this case, the EPA suggested using distilled water, which has lower mineral content. This will keep your house dust-free and help prevent the mineral buildup in the unit.

Clean and Wipe Off Everything

Condensation will accumulate no matter where you place your humidifier. Be sure to wipe all surfaces of moisture daily. This will ensure that no bacteria or other microorganisms have a chance to grow. You also want to keep bacteria out of your humidifier tank, so change the water daily.

The EPA also noted that portable humidifiers should be cleaned every three days. This means a thorough scrubbing of the tank and clearing off any film or deposits in the unit. When cleaning, always unplug the unit first.

Use the Correct Setting

It may be tempting to set the humidity level on the unit higher to reap its benefits as quickly as possible, but establish a healthy routine of only adjusting to the size of the room. Don’t set a high level for a small room, as condensation will quickly build up and increase the chances of bacterial growth throughout the room and possibly even into the other parts of your home.

To get a better sense of the humidity levels in your home and how to adjust for it, consider investing in a hygrometer. The EPA stated that humidifiers should not be used in indoor spaces where the humidity levels are at 50 percent or more.

HGTV pointed out other methods of determining whether your home needs a humidifier. Dryness or cracking of wood furniture and increased static electricity are indicators that you may want to think about purchasing a unit.

Humidifiers are great for homes that are lacking in moisture. Adjusting the settings on the unit to best suit your house may be difficult at first, but maintenance and vigilance will help ensure good and safe usage.

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