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Warm up your large rooms with an oscillating tower heater


This winter is sure to be a cold one, so you’ll have to look into the best room heater to help keep your home nice and toasty. If you’ve got a larger space, it may be time to invest in an oscillating tower heater.

Consider the benefits
There are many factors that make oscillating tower heaters great. The long shape ensures top-to-bottom warmth. Additionally, the oscillating feature covers the space laterally. If you’re a homebody who moves around a room frequently, these models may be the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Rather than worrying about leaving the warmth of a stationary heater, you can move freely in a space without sacrificing heat.

Additionally, these devices are available in a variety of sizes. Smaller ones can be used on the floor or the table, while larger ones should remain on the floor. Be sure to look at the manufacturer’s instructions before placing the unit on a tabletop.

There are several color options and it’s easy to find one that complements your room’s style. Smaller units may blend more easily into their surroundings. Larger units may require some reconfiguration of a room’s decor.

Understand safety
As with any heater, it’s important to be safe. Make sure that a unit has sufficiently cooled before attempting to move it. Never leave a unit unattended for any amount of time. Remember to place the heater well away from any flammable objects.

If you have small children or pets, it may be wiser to purchase a tabletop heater and keep the unit and its cord safely out of reach while in use. The oscillating feature may be beneficial for you, but it can also pique curiosity and may lead children and pets to approach the device, creating a risk.

The length of the unit may make it awkward to carry, so remember to practice caution. Make sure that children and pets are well out of reach whenever you move the heater.

Oscillating tower heaters will keep you toasty all winter. Their wide coverage and versatility will keep any room heated. Decide which size best suits your lifestyle – smaller ones boast more portability, whereas larger ones will be cumbersome but are great for larger spaces. Practicing safety while using one of these units will make sure you and your loved ones stay warm all winter long.

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