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Stay warm while working in your garage


Continuing your work in your garage this winter will be challenging if you don’t perform measures to warm it up to a comfortable temperature. Fortunately, most of these measures are generally easy to do—something that we’re going to talk more about below. If you’re planning on continuing to work in your garage this winter, you’ll want to invest in a quality utility heater. These units are highly portable and provide plenty of warmth. Room heaters aren’t limited to the spaces that boast comfortable seats and beds. There are devices designed specifically for extreme durability.

Utility Heater

The garage can be one of the coldest areas in the home and maybe an unpleasant space to work in. However, if you’ve got a project you’re determined to finish, don’t let Old Man Winter stop you. Combat the frigid air with a utility heater. It is the most efficient way to warm up a room. They provide control over the temperature you want to be in and are known to be highly portable and durable. But while these units provide plenty of warmth, installing a room heater is not the only way to warm up your workspace. In fact, they’re not really designed to warm up an entire room, only the limited area in front of it. These units have a much more focused target area than tower heaters. You’ll be able to direct the warm air better with its pivoting head. Additionally, if your feet are suddenly getting chilly, the convenient large handle will allow you to move the heater quickly. There are also models that feature grip controls, in case the work gets sticky or slippery.

Don’t be fooled by the size of utility heaters. They may be small, but they pack plenty of power. Bear in mind that they’re not designed to warm up an entire room. These devices are only meant to heat up whatever is in front of them, making them ideal and necessary tools for homeowners who require high levels of convenience and portability in their heaters.

Insulate the Garage Door

One of the most problematic areas where the cold comes in and heat escapes out is the garage door. There are kits that allow you to insulate your garage door on your own, or you can always opt for it to be done professionally. There’s also the option of upgrading your garage door with an insulated model.

Insulate the Garage Walls

The first thing that you need to make sure with your walls is that it is free from leaks. There are no small holes that are left unsealed. After doing so, you can now move on to choose from a variety of different insulation materials available today. Just make sure that you get the correct measurements, especially its thickness that depends on the thickness of your own walls.

Eliminate All Other Sources of Drafts

Finally, don’t forget the other sources of drafts as well, such as old and cracking weather stripping. Replace them accordingly especially the ones lining the separation between your garage and garage door.

By following the tips that we have mentioned above, we’re confident that you will be able to push on with your work even all throughout the harsh winter.

Be Safe as Well

It can be easy to focus too heavily on a project and forget to tend to the heater. Remember that utility heaters, like any other room heater, can heat up quickly. Whereas other models are likely to be positioned farther from a person, you’ll probably be using the utility heater at closer proximity. Therefore, it’s important to move the device every so often to avoid over-drying your skin or coming into contact with it.

As soon as you’re finished with your work, be sure to switch off and unplug the device. The garage can be a high-traffic area. It’s possible for someone to accidentally hit the switch, so be extra cautious and always unplug the unit. Despite the cold, resist the temptation to leave the heater running unattended while you are in the house or outside. And do not run the heater near chemicals or other flammables. Always use caution when running a heater in a garage.

Safe usage will ensure that you can continue your work through the winter season with a utility heater.

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