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Easy ways to warm your home without raising the thermostat


In the middle of winter, the cold can get people down. They’re tired of the chilly days and wet weather, and when they arrive home, they want to be in a well-heated dwelling where they can be comfortable with their families.

Utility bills being what they are – often, quite high – there are easy things to do in your home to keep from raising the thermostat and adding to your energy costs.

Frequently, the most pleasant part of being inside on a cold day or night is sitting back in a recliner to watch TV, read a book, or browse on your laptop. While that requires the part of the room you’re in to be warm, it may not apply to the rest of the room or even to other rooms in the house.

Using an electric space heater is an economical method to efficiently heat your personal space or a single room. Portable heaters are easy to tote room to room and some heaters include oscillating fans to circulate warm air over a broader space.

Staying cozy indoors
Don’t underestimate the comfort of fleece. It’s one of the softest and best insulating fabrics, so it’s become a winter go-to material for socks, sweatshirts, blankets and pajamas as well as winter accessories to wear outdoors.

If you keep throws and blankets in colder spots in your house, your family may be less inclined to raise the thermostat whenever they get a chill. When it comes to bedtime, use flannel pillow cases and bed sheets so you can comfortably lower the nighttime temperature in your home. It also removes the dread of getting into a cold bed at night and waiting to warm up beneath cotton sheets.

Warm up the atmosphere
Staying warm has both a physical and emotional effect on people. To make your home an inviting space all winter long and into gray days in early spring, consider the impact of your home design on your mental outlook.

On wooden chairs, add soft seating mats and pillows for back support in jewel tones and warm colors that seem to fit the season best. For home accessories, bring in small branches and pine cones from the backyard, add some gold and red accents and house plants for greenery to remind you that warmer days are just a season away.

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