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Are space heaters pet friendly?

Are space heaters pet friendly?


When you have a pet, there’s always one word you keep in mind: safety. Because of its curiosity, your four-legged friend may be inclined to get too close to electrical appliances, some of which could be a hazard to these small creatures. As a result, you may forgo something much-needed to protect your pet from any danger or harm.

However, it may be hard to live without certain appliances, including room heaters. If you live in a cold-weather climate, you may find that you need some extra warmth for your home on frigid days. Plus, even though they have their own fur coats, animals also need to stay warm throughout the winter. Sometimes, your central heating may not be enough to keep your dog or cat from developing a cold, runny nose.

So, how do you use electric heaters in your home while also keeping your beloved animal safe? Fortunately, there are some pet-friendly heating options out there. Follow some of these tips before purchasing and using an electric heater in your living space.

What to Look For

Before committing to an electric heater, make sure that it has certain pet-conscious features. First, look for an appliance that’s cool to the touch. Some electric heaters expose their heating elements, which means that while it’ll make the room toasty, the heater surface will get hot too. It’s best to invest in a device that stores the heating element in the center and keeps it guarded by metal or plastic grills. Ceramic heaters – with built-in safety and cool-touch surfaces – may be a good choice.

Because your pet’s welfare is of the utmost importance, purchase an electric heater that has built-in safety features. Look for automatic overheat protection that shuts the unit down if the unit gets too hot. Cool touch surfaces are important. Some heaters have tip-over protection to turn the unit off if knocked over. And ceramic heaters automatically draw less energy if openings are blocked.

What to Consider

Once you find the perfect space heater for you and your home, there are still some pet-safety aspects to consider. Before using your new appliance, think about where you’re going to place it. It’s best to keep the heater out of the path of your four-legged friend, so try moving the heating device to an area of your room that your dog or cat can’t easily access. It’s also recommended that you maintain a 3-foot buffer zone around the heater.

If you have a cat, avoid placing the heater on a tabletop. Cats enjoy jumping and climbing, which means there’s a good chance they’ll use the heater as their new playground. A ceramic tower heater may be a good option because of its sleek, compact floor-based design.

In addition to the heater, keep in mind that cords can also create harm for your pet. When the device is on, make sure that its cord is not running across the floor, so your animal has no way of tripping over it. Since playful pets may knock over a running heater, always remain in the room or within eyesight and unplug your electric heater from the wall before leaving the room.

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