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Warm up a cozy spot with a personal heater - Lasko

Warm up a cozy spot with a personal heater


Sometimes, you want to be warmed just enough to be comfortable in a corner where you read, enjoy a hobby or do paperwork in your home office. Whatever the reason, it isn’t necessary to heat your whole house, especially if other family members have gone to bed and the thermostat has been turned down for night heating.

Those are times that are made for personal heaters, which are smaller than many electric space heaters but pack a good warming punch anyway. These small models focus on one person’s comfort concentrated in one space, using an energy-efficient, relatively small amount of wattage.

The portability of space heaters is wonderful to take advantage of if you’re looking for mobility. With a small tabletop heater, you can pick it up by a handle and place it wherever you need the heat most. But even though they’re light and easy to move from spot to spot, the rules regarding safety remain the same as for larger models.

Use heaters correctly
One advantage to using personal-size, tabletop heaters is that they provide heat at the level where your torso will likely be. Keeping your core toasty is important to feel warm overall, and these devices are perfectly designed for the task. They’re especially beneficial for individuals who work from home and remain seated for long periods.

Tabletop models are also better for people who have small children or pets. The kids are less likely to touch the appliance – reducing the possibility of injuries – because the heaters aren’t at their level or on the floor. If the little ones get too close, the unit can be moved further out of reach.

When choosing a portable heater, make sure you don’t buy a model that’s too large or heavy to place on a tabletop. The weight of a non-tabletop device can break the surface it’s set on and the size may cause the unit to topple over.

Because a personal heater provides plenty of heat despite its small size, the unit should be unplugged when you’re done using it. Be careful when moving one, as the surface may still be hot after it’s unplugged. When in use, the unit should be the only appliance attached to an outlet to prevent overheating.

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