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Use space heaters as a warming alternative during chilly early spring - Lasko

Use space heaters as a warming alternative during chilly early spring


The piles of snow have finally receded in your backyard, and lawn mowers are starting to replace snow blowers in the aisles of home improvement stores. It’s time to start thinking of curb appeal again.

Not so fast – for all those breezy, warmer afternoons you’ll have in early spring to get a jump on outdoor chores, there’s likely to be a chilly evening ahead when your home needs extra heat. But where it comes from should increasingly be from a source other than your furnace.

This is the season when electric space heaters really earn their place in your home. They’re especially helpful when you have a room that’s chillier than the rest of the house or at times when only one or two rooms in your home are occupied. In those cases, heating a small area is all you want and there’s no need to raise your thermostat and your heating bills with it.

This time of year is also when you may be spending more time in an unheated garage or basement workshop, where gardening tools and project supplies need to be cleaned and tested for use in the months ahead. If this is where you spend time puttering, invest in a utility space heater to keep you comfortable while you work on a project, make a car repair or search for items in your long-term storage bins.

Choosing heaters with fans
If you really want to phase out your main source of heating early this time of year, use space heating models that have fans to spread warm air over a larger space. Fan-forced heaters and ceramic heaters are in this category.

While both types have safety features like automatic shut-off when the units reach a certain level of heat, the fan-forced models run quite hot and aren’t good to have around children or pets. The heated metal coils in these models do a great job of pushing heat through a room, but they reach high temperatures. They’re a good choice for utility space heating.

Ceramic heaters also have fans that move warmth throughout a room. However, the ceramic material used in the heating element will automatically reduce the wattage used and shut off if the air coming from the fan becomes blocked or the unit reaches a high temperature. Ceramic models are also a versatile choice for your house because they come in many sizes, colors and styles that are attractive enough to blend in like a room accessory.

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