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Keep plants lush indoors with warmth and mist from a humidifier

Keep plants lush indoors with warmth and mist from a humidifier


This is the time of year when dedicated gardeners start to plant their seeds in preparation for the new growing season. But in many climates the seedlings can’t grow outdoors, so a series of tiny pots line windowsills trying to soak up enough sun to get plant life started indoors.

Sun and water isn’t enough, however. If the plants are to sprout properly, they may need a little help from man-made heat and moisture. For this purpose, a humidifier will come in handy.

According to Better Homes and Gardens magazine, artificial heat from any source will dry out the indoor air, so a humidifier will put back the moisture that your home heating will take away and then some. Moist air tends to retain heat better than dry air, so there’s a two-fold benefit to running a humidifier while your heat is on.

Once the seedlings for this year’s garden have grown into small plants, they may appear ready to go outside to fully blossom. However, be careful to keep them inside or otherwise sheltered outdoors if a late spring chill is forecast.

Humidify indoor plants
Throughout the year, indoor plants benefit from having a room humidifier nearby. Moisture inside your home evaporates easily during hotter months when air conditioning is running much of the time, and that can wreak havoc on plants that thrive in moist conditions.

Although the needs of each plant can vary, the leaves and buds of indoor varieties will look more lush and grow more steadily with the help of a humidifier to keep the humidity level suitable for greenery. Ferns and begonias are particularly partial to a moist atmosphere, which is why many people have them in bathrooms and kitchens.

Plants should always be placed in locations that are suitable to their particular need for light. A plant that does well in a shady spot can easily be bruised by too much direct sunlight on its leaves. Water needs vary as well, especially in the winter when over-watering should be avoided.

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