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Keep warm in your home office with an electric space heater - Lasko

Keep warm in your home office with an electric space heater


If you’re one of millions of American workers who work from home at least part of the week, the comfort of your home office means more to you than it does to someone who uses it just to browse the Web or pay bills.

The same features that are used to outfit a workstation at a company job site are the ones that home-based workers need to include in their work-at-home digs. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 10 percent of the U.S. workforce is telecommuting at least one day a week, so there’s a big market out there for ergonomically correct chairs and keyboards as well as lighting that’s well-suited to computer work.

To minimize eye strain, position your work area so that direct sunlight isn’t reflecting on the computer screen. You can pull a window shade down to limit sunlight during the day and change the position of your screen. For those who like to get ahead on their work during night hours, All About Vision recommends avoiding lamp lighting that’s directly behind your head.

Work comfortably
Sitting at a desk for lengthy periods can make you stiff and uncomfortable if you don’t keep yourself warm. As a sedentary worker, the circulation isn’t moving as well as it is when you’re more active. Heating your home workstation properly is just as important as getting the right lamp and chair.

For a home office, there are many smaller, portable space heaters that will keep you warm whether you’re seated at your desk or have moved to another part of the room. One of the benefits of tabletop units is that they can be moved around easily and be stored under your desk when they’re not in use. If you decide to move your model closer to a reading chair, do so only if there’s a stable surface where it can be set down safely at a distance from any flammable materials.

Another good choice for home offices is tower heaters. These slim units come in a variety of heights to suit the most spaces. Because tower heaters are vertical, they take up less floor space. Models that have widespread oscillation will move the warmth evenly throughout your office and the settings can be controlled easily with a remote.

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