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Use a humidifier to control damage to electronics and instruments - Lasko

Use a humidifier to control damage to electronics and instruments


There are plenty of reasons why you should include a room humidifier among your household goods. Not only can a humidifier improve your health and the well-being of pets, but it has an effect on furnishings, electronics and musical instruments.

Wood is particularly susceptible to the effects of dried-out air in your home. From the heat generated by furnaces in winter to air conditioning running on hot summer days, the moisture is sucked right out of the air. Since windows are closed to contain heat or air conditioning, there’s no moisture from outside to balance the dryness.

While wooden furniture and floors can dry out enough to split, string instruments like guitars and violins sustain damage in more than one way. Without a healthy level of humidity, the wood in these instruments will shrink and crack, damage the finish and cause distortions in the instruments’ sound. Poor tone and improper intonation will result when an instrument is kept too long in a dry environment. The fret on a guitar will lift off the body of the instrument and fret ends will stick out from the fingerboard.

According to Collings Guitars, when guitars are stored they should be in rooms at about 75 degrees Fahrenheit and a relative humidity of 49 percent. By using a humidifier, you can control the amount of humidity in a room where such items are stored and maintain the air moisture at a safe and comfortable level.

Effects of high or low humidity 
Keeping humidity at a balanced level is also important in home offices or family rooms where a lot of entertainment equipment is kept because dry air breeds static electricity that can be harmful to electronics. Static discharge can damage electronic components, particularly if a computer is opened to add RAM, a sound card or to make other adjustments, reported Top Ten Reviews.

For wood instruments, humidity that’s too high can cause the wood to swell and present the same problems that occur under dry conditions with tuning and playability. The glue that connects the joints can weaken, and a muffled tone can result when a string instrument absorbs too much humidity.

A humidifier equipped with a humidistat – a sensor that measures a room’s relative humidity – can help prevent humidity levels from becoming too high. This automatic control will only run the humidifier when the relative humidity is too low according to your settings to help restore a balanced comfort to your space.

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