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Check Fans and Air Conditioning During Your Spring Cleaning


As milder weather gradually takes hold in the country’s colder regions, your thoughts may be turning to spring cleaning. Beyond airing rugs, clearing clutter and washing down walls and floors, spring cleaning is also a good time to evaluate your home cooling equipment needs before the hot, sultry days of summer are upon you and your family.

This is when you should be taking your window and portable fans out of storage to see that they’re in good working order with electric cords undamaged from previous seasons. If not, investing in new fans for home use now will allow you to have them up and ready when the hot weather hits.

Spring cleaning time is also a great opportunity to make sure your electric fans are clean and ready for spring and summer use. There are different cleaning instructions for different types of fans in your home. It’s best to consult your user manual for specific instructions, or you can visit our How-to Videos page for more instruction about proper use and care of your Lasko fans.

The same types of checks and preseason maintenance are also good for your home’s air conditioning units. Check air filters in window units and central air systems so there won’t be any clogs later in the season. The U.S. Department of Energy estimated that running air conditioning with clean filters can save homeowners from 5 to 15 percent in energy consumption. In addition, test all settings before summertime to make sure they’ll be operating at optimal levels when they’re needed most.

Encourage air flow
During the in-between seasons in spring and fall, there are bound to be unseasonably warm days when air conditioning isn’t needed, but using a fan will come in handy to cool down a room quickly. Box fans are particularly effective in circulating air to create a cooling wind chill.

Air flow is everything when it comes to cooling down your home as quickly and efficiently as possible. For people who don’t have central air, the inclination is to situate window units around the house to reduce summer heat, room by room. But that may not be the best use of your energy dollars.

Instead, use several fans throughout your house to pick up the air conditioned air and effortlessly carry it throughout your home. This extends the use of a single window-unit air conditioner, saving you money in both the cost of additional units and in energy consumption. You might still need additional air conditioners on other floors in your home, but you might be able to make it with one unit on each floor, as fans have a far greater ability to move air around your home than air conditioners.

It also helps to have windows that are well-sealed when air conditioners and fans are working in tandem. Just as heat can leak from a home in winter, the same gaps may allow hot air from outside to seep into your home in hot weather and force your appliances to work harder.

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