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Wall-mounted fans make good sense with little ones around

Wall-mounted fans make good sense with little ones around


Stores are beginning to set up displays of air conditioners and fans in anticipation of summertime heat. Often, this is the best time to consider a purchase, instead of waiting for a heat wave to hit when every other consumer will have the same idea.

Like their parents, kids want to play in a comfortably cooled family room and sleep undisturbed during hot nights. Having electric fans well-positioned around the house will ensure the family will make the most of cross breezes from outside and circulated air-conditioning inside.

Safety and accessibility are important to consider when there are little children in the same space as room fans. Young imaginations with high energy may be tempted by floor or table fans to do anything: change your favorite setting; climb a tall tower fan; even place their face at the grill to blow a blanket like a superhero cape. That’s when having fans high on the wall and out of reach becomes especially important.

Choice of air flow
Consumers who are considering how to balance the need for cooling off their homes and keeping curious kids from changing settings have an easy ally – wall-mounted fans. Not only do they save space on surfaces and floors in your rooms, but they’re also easy to assemble and mount.

There are a variety of features that provide an optimal cooldown when you need it most. Wall models have tilting heads that can be faced in different directions with either an oscillated or directional air flow. Oscillation provides a more widespread cooling path, but for directed air, tilted heads can be locked in place to cool off a particular spot.

Kid and animal-friendly
Some other features of wall fans include different speeds, quiet operation and a place to wrap the cord and hold it in place on the back of the fan when not in use. There are both rotary-style and pull cord controls that will be high out of the reach of young children. Fused safety plugs and fan grills that snap together tightly are among the safety features.

Having fans mounted on the wall, rather than sitting on the floor or table, will keep them out of the curious reach of young children and pets. This will create a more comfortable home for the whole family.

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