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Match fan models to certain rooms for maximum output

Match fan models to certain rooms for maximum output


Some rooms need air to be moved throughout a large space and some only require that one small area be cooled. There’s a room fan for every need, and to get the best cooling action for their buck, homeowners should consider which fan style will do the best job for them.

Planning your energy usage this summer to keep your utility bills down involves more than going to the store to pick up a new electric fan. While you’re considering different models, pay attention to the various features they have. The benefits of some over others for certain spaces will become immediately obvious.

Kitchen cooldown
Few rooms become overheated as quickly as the kitchen. Aside from heat from ovens, stovetops and countertop appliances, this is the room that tends to bring everyone together for eating, socializing and other activities. Add body heat to the mix, and the kitchen is a room in deep need of a cooldown. To be most effective, use fans with air conditioning to boost air flow and circulate the cooled air in a large space.

Range hood exhaust fans can focus more on stovetop ventilation than full kitchen heat exhaust. That’s why consumers ought to consider adding a window or box fan to the array of appliances, because it can siphon hot air from a room that can get uncomfortable very quickly on a summer day.

Nearby areas
Rooms that are often adjacent to the kitchen – dining, living and family rooms – may absorb the heat runoff from the cooking area. Generally, they’re larger and may have higher ceilings, but hot air can stagnate in these rooms without a fan to circulate air.

For this purpose, pedestal fans are a good choice. Large areas are served well by the tilting heads of these fans that can move air throughout the space, or pick up an outdoor breeze and distribute it into every corner.

For bedrooms, the timers and remote controls available on many tower fans are particularly helpful. You can use a remote to turn off the fan without getting out of bed or a timer can be set to run a certain amount of time before you drift off to sleep.

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