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Use fans more often as part of an energy-saving routine

Use fans more often as part of an energy-saving routine


Summertime is when you can expect to use more energy, and it will show on your utility bills. To yield some savings, there are simple changes you can introduce into your daily housekeeping routine.

For instance, if an outdoor breeze isn’t enough to cool down your home, use electric fans in tandem with air conditioning. Turn off the air conditioner once the room has been chilled, and keep fans running to circulate cooled air throughout the room. Fans use far less energy than air conditioners and they can keep your rooms cool for a lengthy period without air conditioning running full blast and spiking your electric bill.

Air-circulating electric fans operate at a high velocity and generate a breeze in the direction where it’s needed most. Some of their features are pivoting heads, remote controls and electronic timers. High-velocity fans come in a variety of models – pedestal, wall-mountable and floor fans.

Another energy-saving move is to replace older appliances with ENERGY STAR® certified devices. While these energy-efficient models typically cost more than other appliances, the financial savings realized by decreased energy usage pays back the difference in no time.

Everyday adjustments
If you use cold water for most of your laundry, you’ll cut energy use in another way. Pack your washing machine and dryer as fully as you can to get the most use from one laundry load. Some dryers also have a moisture-sensing setting that will stop the appliance once it senses that the clothes have all been dried. Don’t ignore the possibility of using a drying rack for some garments on a drying rack. It’s especially efficient to do this on a dry, sunny day and the bonus is that your clothes will come out smelling like fresh air.

The window coverings in your home can make a difference in how hot your rooms become. They’ll block any window leaks that may siphon off the cooled air inside. In addition, if you keep your curtains drawn and install light-filtering shades, you’ll find  that less sunlight is let through to heat up the space again.

Another small change in your household that will yield a savings in energy is replacing less efficient incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescents or LED lighting. Not only do these newer bulbs use less energy, but they emit brighter light and last much longer than traditional bulbs.

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