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Controlling electric fans with remote controls makes life easier - Lasko

Controlling electric fans with remote controls makes life easier


There’s nothing better on a hot summer night than getting comfortable in bed or your favorite spot for watching TV and not having to get up to turn off an electric fan. Just like with televisions, having a remote control for your fans makes life easier.

Nowhere is that more true than when your tower fan has been set to cool your bedroom before settling in for a night’s sleep. Tower models often reach ideally to the height of beds so they’re a great choice for bedrooms, They’re able to aim the fan breeze to just the level where you’re reposing. If you fall asleep, many models have an automatic shut-off or can be programmed to stay on for a specific length of time before turning off.

But with or without these features, you can control your fan from a short distance with a remote control. If you’ve finished reading or watching TV, being able to turn off the fan and television at the same time is a simple way to end the night.

Many benefits of remote controls
So many fans come with remote controls that you don’t have to give up a fan model that’s best suited for cooling a certain type of space. In addition to programming your shut-off time, remotes allow you to change the speed of the fan in case a room becomes too cool and to lower the setting for a more moderate breeze.

Remote controls are convenient if you have wall-mounted fans, which are great space savers. Many floor models can be hung on brackets to direct the fan breeze to where a room is hottest – at the top, where heat rises. Wall-mounted fans are particularly helpful in kitchens, garages, home offices and other locations in your house where you become busy with projects and don’t want to interrupt your activity by getting up to turn off a fan.

Some wall-mounted fans are portable because they can be lifted easily from a bracket and used on the floor or other surface. Many fans have a place on the unit casing where the remote control can be stored when it isn’t needed.

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