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Tower Fans Provide Power without Interfering in Room Style

Tower Fans Provide Power without Interfering in Room Style


You may already be sold on the savings you’ll reap if you rely more on electric fans than air conditioning this summer. Outfitting your rooms with fans that fit a variety of spaces and have all the functions that make them convenient to use should be your priorities.

However, before you choose the style and type of fan for a particular room, you may want to consider how it will fit into the decor of the space. In other words, don’t wait until you’ve made your purchase only to find out the model you’ve brought home isn’t a good match for your home’s decorating style and available space.

Some fans are very unobtrusive. Because they slip easily into a window, window fans don’t take up floor space and still allow natural light to stream into a room from the top of the window. In such cases, the function is served without interfering with the look of a well-designed room. They blend right in with the surroundings, while they provide cooling airflow as an intake or exhaust fan and in some cases, both!

Space savers

One of the best space-saving fans is a tower model, which takes up very little floor space. It can be placed in a corner or another out-of-the-way spot and still provide a good breeze of cooled air throughout the room. Tower fans run quietly and have all the conveniences of other models without being nearly as noticeable.

For extra convenience, many models are run by remote control and have programmable timers, widespread oscillation for full-room coverage and handle for easy portability from room to room.  Some smaller tower fans can even work well as desktop fans, like the Twist-Top™ Tower Fan or the Platinum Desktop Wind Tower®.

Style and function

Another strong point of tower fans is the variety of styles that are available. Lasko’s Wind Curve design, for instance, has an attractive wood grain inset that surrounds the silver grill and base of the fan. Other models come in gray or metallic finishes that will fit into many contemporary and traditional home designs.

Extra Features

Looking for a fan that offers a little something extra? Lasko creates several tower fans with great extra features that can make life even more comfortable. The Space-Saving Performance Tower Fan has a nighttime setting that automatically lowers fan speed and dims control lights at night to make your sleep even more peaceful. The extra-long grill on the nearly 4-foot tall Xtra Air Tower Fan with Remote Control provides an extended comfort zone and is perfect when you need a fan that can reach great heights. One of the coolest (and warmest) bonus features one of Lasko’s tower fans features comes with the All-Season Comfort Control Tower Fan & Heater in One. This tower fan and space heater combo not only creates a comfortable breeze when temperatures soar, but it also provides cozy warmth in the cooler times of the year. It’s a great option for homes with less space to store two separate appliances.

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