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Reduce allergic reactions to pets with these easy steps - Lasko

Reduce allergic reactions to pets with these easy steps


Pets are important members of any family, but their endless shedding can often cause  allergies or even asthmatic reactions. There’s no need to choose between breathing freely and man’s best friend – check out these useful tips for adapting your home to  your pets as well as your allergies.

Pet free areas 
Healthline suggests keeping a few areas off limits from your furry friends. Close the door to your bedroom to keep your pets out – when you lay your head down at night you won’t be greeted with a face full of potentially symptom-inducing pet hair. Alternately, try to create a pet-friendly area somewhere else in your home, or spend time with your animals in the great outdoors .

Use easily washed materials
When shopping for home decor, make sure everything is washable. This includes rugs, blankets, slipcovers and pillow cases, especially in rooms that  your pets spend time in. Healthline advises washing all these materials thoroughly and often to get rid of harmful allergens.

Assign pet chores wisely
When dividing up the household chores, Healthline recommends assigning animal-related jobs to those without allergies. If cats make Mom sneeze, have her take out the trash while Dad empties the litter box. If everyone suffers, try to split the work evenly.

Use an air purifier and humidifier 
The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America highly recommends cleaning your air with a purifier to help manage allergies. Lasko makes high-efficiency particulate air filters in different colors and models to fit your needs. To relieve the symptoms of pet allergies, Healthline recommends using a humidifier. This will help reduce coughs and congestion.

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