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Make these additions to your home to get it ready for fall - Lasko

Make these additions to your home to get it ready for fall


With the air turning colder, you need to make inevitable adjustments to your home. Want to create an oasis from the chilly winds of autumn? Here are a few tips to ensure you stay warm while the seasons change:

1. Bring warmer colors into your decorating
Country Living recommended adding soft, warm reds, yellows and oranges to increase comfort in your space.

2. Add more blankets
You should increase the number of throws in your room to make it an inviting area to read a book or watch TV, transforming it into a snuggly paradise.

3. Use a space heater
Space heaters are the perfect way to circulate warmth throughout your room. Try any of these Lasko heaters to increase your comfort instantly.

4. Put up more artwork
Midwest Living recommended adding lots of artwork to the walls to create an intimate and creative setting. This can also be a chance to show off the talents of friends and family!

5. Dim the lights
Elle magazine recommended using chandeliers and lamps to create a glowing atmosphere, as well as good quality curtains that can be drawn to fend off aggressive sunlight.

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