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Entertain guests this fall with the help of these tips - Lasko

Entertain guests this fall with the help of these tips


This fall, make your home the ultimate social gathering place for your friends and family. Use these tips to ready your space for days of laughter and entertainment.

1. Take advantage of warm days 
Country Living suggests hosting an outdoor gathering in early fall before the frost sets in. Your guests will not be expecting a post-labor day dinner party under the stars, so it is sure to be a unique departure from the ordinary. Host this soiree where autumnal foliage can be seen for a wonderfully seasonal effect.

2. Update your decor 
Subtle additions to your home’s decor can bring the spirit of fall inside. HGTV recommends bringing small accents such as pressed leaves, corn husks and small pumpkins to your entertaining spaces for subtle, elegant touches that are guaranteed to be a hit.

3. Serve seasonal food 
Give your guests the true taste of autumn by using fresh, ripe ingredients. According to Women’s Health Magazine, apples, carrots, cranberries, mushrooms, pumpkins and sweet potatoes are great ingredients to incorporate into the dishes at your next dinner party.

4. Keep it cozy 
Once the air turns cold for good it is important to create a welcoming indoor environment. Make sure your central gathering space is equipped with warm blankets, hot drinks and space heaters to keep your guests comfortable and satisfied.

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