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Use a humidifier to protect your guitar

Use a humidifier to protect your guitar


Since guitars are made of glue and thin pieces of wood, they are very sensitive to changes in humidity.

Storing your guitar in a very humid climate can cause issues such as swelling, cracks in the finish and separating of the bindings, according to Collings Guitars, a guitar manufacturer. This can have a negative effect on your instrument’s sound quality, often muffling the tone.

Conversely, keeping your guitar stored in dry conditions can damage it even more. Premier Guitar explained that the wood can actually shrink up to an eighth of an inch, often ruining your instrument for good. To prevent this from happening, the source recommended keeping an air quality of 40 to 50 percent humidity.

Using a home humidifier is a great option for keeping your guitar intact, noted Premier Guitar. It is an especially good idea when you live in a naturally dry climate or have turned on your home’s heating system, which can reduce humidity by as much as 10 percent.

Collings Guitar also noted that keeping your instrument in its case as often as possible can help with maintaining its quality since they are designed to be air tight. The source also advised purchasing thermometer and hygrometer so you can check exact temperatures and humidity levels.

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