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Create the Best Kitchen with These 10 Kitchen Essentials


The heart of a home is the kitchen. It’s the space that allows you to keep your family healthy and well-fed, and it’s also where are a lot of memorable bonding moments happen overcooking. This is the reason why it is absolutely necessary to keep your kitchen well-stocked not just with a full pantry but also with the essential kitchen tools. A well-stocked kitchen is essential to creating a complete home. Make sure you have these key items to improve efficiency and convenience.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of kitchen items you can start on to begin building an efficient and well-equipped kitchen:


The first kitchen essential is obviously a refrigerator. You need it in order to keep your ingredients fresh and extend their shelf life. It is also necessary to enjoy cold ingredients and food products like ice cream and frozen fruits. It is definitely an absolute must-have for any modern kitchen. There are different types of refrigerators, but they are commonly categorized according to size. Make sure to choose the one that best suits your available space, but also one that can accommodate the needs of your family.


If you need a fridge to keep your food and drinks cold, then you’d also need a kitchen essential to get your food warm. For that, every kitchen deserves its own oven. Again, there are different types of ovens, but the most commonly used has got to be the microwave. A microwave oven is great for quick and easy heating and cooking, especially for preparing frozen meals and popping popcorns.

Electric Kettle

But what if you just want to heat up water for your morning coffee or afternoon tea? Well, you don’t need to plug in your oven for that. You just need a reliable electric kettle to do the trick. What’s more, is that it is significantly safer and more efficient to use than a standard kettle.

Food Processor

It there’s an all-in-one kitchen essential that we believe any home cook should have to really level up the recipes that he can make, that would be a food processor. It can peel, slice, blend, puree, and more.

Electric Mixer

Finally, for those who put a lot of effort into baking, then having an electric mixer is the key to level up your baked goods and produce consistent and excellent results. Say goodbye to the lumpy batter. You won’t even know how you’ve survived for so long without it. How about you, did we miss any tool that you consider an absolutely essential kitchen tool? Happy cooking!

Coffee maker

Whether you need that caffeine boost in the morning before work or you prefer to relax with a hot mug after dinner, chances are coffee is an important part of your daily routine. Good Housekeeping notes that a variety of models are available on the market today, so shop around and see what fits your lifestyle. Maybe you like to wake yourself up with a manual press or you’d rather set a timer the night before and rise to the intoxicating scent of your dark roast wafting up the stairs. Not a coffee drinker? This is still an important appliance to own if you plan to entertain guests.

Metal cookware

Pots and pans might seem like an obvious choice when setting up your kitchen, but make sure you purchase durable, sensible cookware in a variety of sizes. According to Epicurious, you should stock your cabinets with a 12- to 14-inch skillet, an 8- to 10-inch skillet and saucepans in 2 and 4 quarts. Good Housekeeping suggests looking for pieces made from aluminum and stainless steel.


Even if you only whip up the occasional batch of cookies, bakeware is important to have on hand. Epicurious recommends purchasing a cookie sheet, a baking dish, and a cake pan. It’s also a good idea to keep a set of measuring spoons and a few sizes of mixing bowls if you plan to bake regularly.

Seasonal additions

You’ll never spend any time in your kitchen if it’s an uncomfortable environment. Make sure to use fans during the hotter months and space heaters when the temperature drops to keep you comfortable while you cook.


Butter knives can only slice through so many things, so make sure you have a few sharp knives to aid you in your culinary endeavors. Good Housekeeping suggests avoiding large sets – they often contain unnecessary pieces and are very expensive. Instead, identify your kitchen’s needs and invest in a few good quality, stainless steel blades with comfortable handles.

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