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Use these 3 tips to make moving less stressful -Lasko

Use these 3 tips to make moving less stressful


Moving can be an extremely stressful process. In between packing and unpacking, things can get broken, lost or forgotten. Use these helpful tips to take some of the hassle out of moving to a new home.

1. Take inventory of important items
As you start to put your belongings in boxes, you may notice you have more valuables than you thought. Whether these are irreplaceable documents or fine china, make a list of everything that is important to you. When you arrive at your new residence, go over your inventory and make sure that everything arrived safely. My Moving Reviews suggests taking as many of your precious items with you instead of loading them into a moving van to decrease the chance of them being lost or damaged.

2. Get rid of things you don’t need
Anything you do not regularly use is just taking up precious space in your car or moving truck. Go through old clothes, books, toys and household supplies to assess what can be discarded. Donate any items that are still in good condition – Good Housekeeping notes that you can have charities pick these things up at your house.

3. Know where you put essential items 
After a day spent moving, the last thing you want to do is dig through endless boxes looking for pajamas and a toothbrush. Make sure every member of your household has a bag with enough supplies to get them through the next few days of unpacking and organizing, Good Housekeeping suggests. Depending on the season, make sure you pack your room fans and space heaters in an accessible location to ensure your first night at your new address is a comfortable one.

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