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Vacation essentials you need to pack

Vacation essentials you need to pack


As chilly weather approaches, you are probably already planning your next tropical getaway. Make sure you do not forget these vacation essentials.

1. Sunscreen
Plan on laying by the pool all day? Be sure to lather on lotion with a good sun protection field to prevent sunburns and further skin damage. Real Simple suggests using a minimum SPF of 15 to ensure protection.

2. One formal outfit
After you have thrown all your shorts and bathing suits into your suitcase, consider packing a few nicer items of clothing. Cruise Critic notes that occasionally dining and entertainment venues have strict dress codes. You do not want to miss out on a great experience because you only brought T-shirts.

3. Toiletries
Essentials like tooth paste, floss, shampoo, shaving cream and soap are easy to forget, so make sure to pick them up during a pre-travel shopping trip. You might be tempted to wait and see what complimentary bath items your hotel room has. Cruise Critic advises against doing this – most likely, the supply will be limited and won’t compare to your favorite products.

4. Personal fan 
Perfect for clipping to your lounge chair, personal fans can offer a cool breeze while you relax by the pool or ocean.

5. Alarm Clock
If you’re planning adventure-packed days, an early start is crucial. Using your cell phone to set an alarm is always a good option, although keeping your mobile device on during international travel could involve fees.

6.Good luggage
Your suitcase is just as important as what goes in it. LearnVest notes that airlines have strict size guidelines. If you plan to carry on, make sure your bag is small enough. If you intend to check luggage you may want to weigh your suitcase ahead of time to avoid incurring extra fees.

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