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Family of four sitting on a sled on a sunny day in the snow

Save money heating your home this winter [VIDEO]



Greetings. Today we’ll be talking about the high cost of heating your home for the winter and how using space heaters can minimize this expense.

When you turn on your home’s central heating system, it spreads warm air throughout the whole house – including rooms that aren’t in use. Instead of paying to heat spaces you aren’t even spending time in, use space heaters where you congregate the most. If the whole family gathers in the living room every night, it doesn’t make financial sense to be heating the kitchen and bedrooms.

Additionally, winterize your home so you can set your heat to a lower temperature. Using blankets, rugs and warm clothing to keep you and your family comfortable allows you to keep room temperatures below 67 degrees, using less energy and saving you more money.

Thanks for watching and be sure to stop by soon!