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January cleaning tips: Part 1 [VIDEO]



Greetings. Now that the holidays are over and you’ve gotten your New Year’s resolutions off the ground, it’s the perfect time to do a thorough home cleaning. Wondering where to begin? Use these tips to get started.

To begin, now’s the perfect time to assess your holiday decorations. Once you’ve taken down the tree and lights, make it a point to discard any broken or out-of-date ornaments to free up extra storage space.

Now that you’ve got more room to work with, try reorganizing your basement, attic or garage in a more efficient way. You won’t need those holiday decorations for another year, so push them toward the back and bring spring items, like fans, to more accessible positions. When it’s time to pull them out again, it’ll be much easier.

Thanks for watching, and be sure to check back soon.