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Preparing your home for a blizzard: Part 2 [Video]


Hello, and welcome back to our series on blizzard preparedness. Inclement weather can not only be a major inconvenience, but it can also be dangerous if you aren’t prepared to handle it. Last time, we talked about stocking up on essential supplies and insulating your windows. Let’s look at more important steps you should take to be storm-ready.

Staying warm is one of your main priorities when you’re getting hit with heavy snow. In addition to dressing warmly, make sure you have plenty of blankets for sleeping, since temperatures can drop to dangerously low levels overnight.

Besides operating your home’s central heating system, it’s a smart idea to have alternative sources of heating, like space heaters and wood-burning stoves for extra warmth. Use humidifiers to supplement heaters and promote healthier air quality.

Thanks for watching and be sure to stay safe and warm!