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What you should know about the dangers of ceiling fans [Video]


Hello and welcome. You may have heard that ceiling fans are excellent additions to your home. Positive reviews consider their powerful air circulation to be a better alternative to air conditioners. Ceiling fans come with a variety of hidden risks, however, that you should know about.

Ceiling fans are often left running throughout the day. While people think this helps cool their homes, in reality the fan itself is heating up from constant movement and is doing very little to improve the quality of your house’s stagnant, hot air. Letting ceiling fans run for long spans of time can also run up your electric bill.

These home appliances are also common homes for dust and dust mites, which tend to accumulate on the blades. If you’ve got allergies, simply turning your fan on could cause you to have a reaction. Consider room fans or box fans as healthier, more efficient options.

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