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4 tips for decorating a small bedroom

4 tips for decorating a small bedroom


Small bedrooms can be cute, comfortable and cozy. They can also be a serious interior design challenge. Check out these tips for making the most of your tiny space.

1. Be careful about which colors you choose 
According to, dark colors can make your room appear even smaller than it actually is. Paint your walls in lighter hues to open up the space and make the ceiling appear higher. If you really want to add some darker tones to the space, consider throw pillows or sheets in those colors.

2. Pick furniture wisely 
It might be tempting to purchase the king-size mattress, but a bed that large will not leave space for much else in the room. Better Homes and Gardens suggested going smaller, like a double or a twin, in addition to forgoing any excess design details, like a footboard or a canopy. A simple headboard that does not take up too much space is recommended by the source, however, since it creates a focal point for the room. noted that other than the bed, you should limit the amount of furniture you have to two or three essential pieces. Try purchasing an armoire that can hold both a television and clothing, or get one dresser and mount your TV on the wall to eliminate the need for an entertainment center. Instead of a desk, get a small table with a stool you can tuck underneath. This will help open up the area and instantly make it appear larger.

3. Get creative with storage options 
When you do not have a lot of space to work with, creativity and functionality are key. Under-the-bed storage is a must for tiny bedrooms, noted If your bed is raised, consider using bins or baskets to hold clothing, accessories, books or gadgets. This can also be a great opportunity to add some color and style to the room. If you sleep low to the ground, try putting extra sheets and seasonal clothes in air-tight storage bags – it reduces the size of the items so you can easily slide them under your bed.

Installing shelves on your walls is another efficient way to add some more storage without sacrificing valuable space. This idea eliminates the need for a bookshelf, but does not cause you to get rid of your prized novels or decorative trinkets. Instead of taking up surface space with room fans, try installing a wall mount fan or window fan. When it comes to space heaters, pick a slender option that does not take up a lot of square footage, or opt for a personal heater – since your room is so small, this will most likely be enough to keep you warm.

4. Put your ceiling to good use 
It might sound a little out of the ordinary, but decorating your ceiling can actually draw the eye upward, making the whole space appear larger and more open. Paint it a light color and add a decorative touch, like a mural or a chandelier, to add intrigue while visually expanding the room.

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