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5 tips for maximizing closet space

5 Tips for Maximizing Closet Space


Whether you have a walk-in closet or a much smaller area, using the space effectively is important to ensure your room stays organized. Instead of just throwing all your clothes and shoes in a messy pile, use these five tips to maximize your closet space.

1. Get Rid of Extra Stuff

Before you begin, it’s important to take inventory of all your closet-bound belongings. To create as much space as possible, it is necessary to part with things you no longer wear or use. While this can be hard, lifestyle blog Organizing Junkie notes that there are most likely plenty of things you could get rid of and not miss.

If you have not worn something in a year, regardless of the reason, you should definitely toss it. Do you have a collection of shirts and pants that have been waiting for months to be mended? If you have not missed them during this time, chances are you will not even realize they are gone. Try to only keep basic pieces and absolute favorites – this will make organizing your closet a whole lot easier.

2. Use the Door

The inside of your closet door is a hidden gem of storage possibilities. Blog Wayside Sacraments recommends installing multiple rods that can be used for hanging scarves, bags, etc. This is an easy way to organize and store accessories that can often take up valuable closet space or be relegated to a messy drawer.

3. Be Creative With Shoe Storage

Since shoes can take up a lot of space, it is important to think outside the box when it comes to fitting them into your closet. Buzzfeed suggests using a wall-mounted shoe rack inside your closet if space permits. If you do not have an interior wall to spare, consider installing one of these on another wall in your bedroom. If you do not want it to be visible, simply hang a curtain over it. Nobody will know it is secret footwear storage.

Another creative place to stash your sneakers is in a wine box, suggests Buzzfeed. Just put one shoe in each bottle compartment for a quick, easy and effective way to organize all your favorite footgear. Put the box on your closet floor or slip it under your bed to free up even more space.

4. Install Shelving

Shelves are an incredibly handy way to organize any small space, which makes them the perfect addition to your closet. Put shelves on any available wall space inside the closet, including behind hanging clothes and on the back of the door. You can store a number of things on these, from books to room fans.

5. Create Vertical Hangers

Fit as many hangers as possible in your closet with the help of do-it-yourself vertical hangers, created by Instructables using regular plastic hangers and metal “S” hooks. According to the source, using this method of hanging multiple outfits on one main hanger can help save you 60 percent of your closet space.

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