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Home decor trends you should try this year

Home decor trends you should try this year


The world of home decor, just like fashion, is always subject to evolving trends. You do not want your house’s design to fall behind on the times, so it is important to keep up with what is next. Wondering what will be popular in 2015? Check out these up-and-coming trends.

Color trends 
According to House Beautiful, one of the most popular hues for 2015 will be a deep, rich blue, reminiscent of rooftops in Santorini, Greece. The source suggests mixing this tone with light grays and pinks for a truly modern color palette. The classic color combination of green and blue will also be making a comeback if you prefer a bright, cool look for your space. The source explains that sour-apple green will be the most popular tone for mixing with blue.

Wondering what the most popular neutral will be this year? House Beautiful reports that simple gray tones will replace white, black and brown for this year’s most versatile color. Try incorporating this tone into your upholstery, or try bringing it into your rooms with appliances like tower fans. For people looking to be more bold with their neutrals, the source points to olive green as being a more exciting alternative. This color fits nicely with a 1960’s-inspired color palette, which will also be seeing a revival this year.

Design trends 
Details indicates that comfort is this year’s main theme when it comes to living room seating, so try investing in big, soft sectional couches instead of pieces that are stiff and formal. Add to your living space’s homey feel by installing bookcases. With tablets and computers becoming the norm, a room filled books actually lends a vintage vibe to your home, notes the source. Extend this retro concept throughout your home by taking advantage of some of the other old-fashioned design elements that will be popular this year, like four-poster beds and claw-foot bathtubs.

If you enjoy adding rustic flair to your home, Details suggests bringing in driftwood. Not only will this bring a nice touch of trendy gray to your room, but it will also give it a casual, beachy vibe. Looking for less of a seaside look but want to maintain a little roughness? Business Insider reports that cowhide will be one of this year’s most popular fabrics. Perfect for creating a Southwestern atmosphere, this material can be incorporated via pillows, rugs and throws.

The source also notes that wallpaper will gain popularity again this year, but in an updated fashion. More designers will be rolling out unique patterns with eye-catching colors that will be perfect for creating an accent wall or covering a whole room for a truly bold look.

According to The Wall Street Journal, mixed metals will also gain popularity in 2015. Stainless steel, once a design favorite, will take a backseat to warmer tones like copper and rose gold. Instead of matching every piece of hardware in each room, the source notes that this year will be more about combining different hues and textures for a more layered look. Glass will be another popular material, but don’t go bringing out all those clear vases just yet. The source explains that “smoky” glass is this year’s trendy choice, noting that it will help bring a dash of vintage intrigue to your room.

What to get rid of 
There are a few design pieces from last year that you should toss, according to The Wall Street Journal. Chevron print fabric, mirrored furniture and furniture painted with an ombré finish are all trends that have run their courses, notes the source.

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