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Remove mold to make your home a healthy environment

Remove Mold to Make Your Home a Healthy Environment


Mold growth is definitely one of the biggest problems that a homeowner can encounter. It doesn’t just put their property’s structural integrity at risk but it can also put your entire family’s health in jeopardy by compromising your home’s indoor air quality. Mold can easily build up in your home when there is an excess of moisture. Aside from being unsightly and giving off an unpleasant odor, mold can also be hazardous to your health. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explained that living in a moldy environment can cause issues such as headaches, sinus infections, irritated skin, and eye infections.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent and remove mold buildup, and keep your family healthy. That’s what we are going to talk about in this article today.

Keep Humidity Levels Lower Than 50%

Here’s the thing: mold thrives in environments with excessive moisture. Hence, an efficient way to keep them at bay is by keeping the humidity levels of your home for as low as you can. Having a humidity meter will be helpful in this regard and you can purchase one from any home improvement store. Once you have one, keep in mind that anything less than 50% is ideal. You can use a dehumidifier if you need help to pull these levels down. Installing additional fans will also do the trick.

Do Not Hesitate to Throw Stuff Out

Many items affected with mold are simply beyond repair. Often, when dealing with moldy clothes, bedding, upholstered fabric, curtains and rugs it is better to toss them than to risk negatively impacting your health. If it is an item that you can not bear to part with, Better Homes and Gardens recommended seeking the help of a cleaning service.

Be Sure the Air in Your Home Flows Freely

Another way to make sure that you won’t ever have to deal with the black mold removal is to improve your home’s air ventilation. This will allow moisture to dry faster. Not only that, but it will also improve your home’s indoor air quality by allowing the stagnant air to escape and the fresh air to come in.

The simplest way to do this is to simply keep your windows open, but what about rooms that don’t have windows? Well, you can always install exhaust fans, especially in rooms that are more prone to moisture, like your bathrooms.

Fix Any Leaks

Your home’s temperature plays a huge factor when it comes to its humidity. However, did you know that excessive moisture can also be caused by external elements like leaks in your home’s roof and plumbing?

If you don’t want to remove mold later on and spend a lot on mold treatment, then take preventive measures immediately by fixing any leaks to keep the water out of your home and strictly within your pipes.

Remove or Replace Carpets

If the damage has been done, though, then don’t fret. There’s no need to call for a household mold removal team just yet. You can simply strip your home of the things that take a while to dry, like your carpets and upholstery. If not, they will serve as potent breeding grounds for mold, especially if they’re completely soaked!

If, despite your best attempts at prevention, mold growth still takes hold, then know that there are different home mold removal companies that you can ask for help. In fact, you can even DIY mold remediation by using a brush and cleaning ingredients like vinegar or bleach.

Pay Attention to Your Bathroom

Because of high levels of moisture, bathrooms tend to be breeding grounds for mold. Better Homes and Gardens recommended using shower curtains that dry quickly and are easily cleaned. They also suggested removing excess bottles from the shower, as less clutter promotes better air circulation.

Be Proactive

In order to discourage the production of mold, Better Homes and Gardens highly recommended the use of air conditioners and fans. These will help keep humidity below 50%, which is a healthy level recommended by the CDC.

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