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Let fans provide cool air on unseasonably hot spring days

Let fans provide cool air on unseasonably hot spring days


Spring is a fickle season. One day it’s cool and dry and the next day there’s mugginess in the air as the temperature rises. Clearing out humid air and giving your home a freshened atmosphere is one of the things you may be faced with in this transitional period.

For some people, part of welcoming spring is opening windows and letting in fresh air after having the house closed up for much of the winter. But on hotter days, why not let electric fans get the job done much faster than waiting for a brisk wind to blow in fresh air?

Taking out your fans for home from storage should be part of your spring regimen of cleaning and preparing for summer. Cleaning off the fan’s grill, checking that the electric cord is in good shape and making sure that all the settings work well is part of a maintenance check that will determine whether it’s time to replace fans or if they’re ready for another year of cooling action.

In any case, if you get a warm spring that requires cooled air to be circulated throughout your home, you don’t have to plug in the air conditioning units just yet. By strategically placing a series of fans in windows and unobtrusive spots in various rooms, you can bring in air from outside and exhaust any hot air that lingers inside the house.

Blocking heat
While it might seem like an activity better suited for keeping in warmth during the winter, insulating your home can also prevent hot air from entering your house throughout the warm months.

If you want to forego the expenses of replacing the insulation in your walls, simply checking the seals and weather stripping around your doors and windows can help regulate the indoor temperature as well. If you feel any drafts, replace insulated stripping to plug the leaks.

While heavy curtains or shades might limit the sun’s heat from penetrating your windows, they tend to leave homes overly dark during the spring and summer. However, to reduce strong sunlight that may overheat your home, some window coverings are necessary. Try lightweight, translucent window dressings that will provide shade and privacy while also allowing natural light into the home. By reducing the amount of sunlight that enters, you’ll keep your home cool without sacrificing a beautiful view.

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