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essential items for the perfect family room

5 essential items for the perfect family room


Whether your clan prefers to congregate in the basement, the living room, or another space, you want it to be comfortable, homey and inviting. Check out this list of five essential items and start building your ideal family room today.

1. Comfortable furniture

This is a room you want to kick back in. Since it will probably be used for movie watching and the occasional nap, make sure your furniture is plush and cozy. Apartment Therapy suggests getting a couch, a few comfortable chairs and one fun and unexpected seating option, like a floor pillow or a bean bag chair. This will not only keep everyone comfortable but give the area a casual flair.

2. Storage

Toys, books, magazines, video games and television remotes are certainly a part of what makes a family room fun, but you don’t want them haphazardly strewn around the floor. Forbes magazine suggests getting a television cabinet that can hold all these items. Not only will it pull your decor together, but you won’t worry about tripping over a stray DVD.

3. Pillows and blankets

These can be found at cheap prices and are an easy way to instantly upgrade the style and color of your home. Not only are these perfect for curling up with as you read a good book or watch TV, but they are a wonderful way to add a splash of color to the room and show your personal style.

4. Seasonal elements

Because comfort is key, make sure you have appliances to control the temperature. During colder months, space heaters are an ideal option for your family room. By using one of these handy appliances to supplement your home’s heating system, you can stay warm while also saving money. When the summer heat hits, opt for box fans or tower fans to circulate air and keep you cool.

It goes without saying that some rooms are going to be hotter than others. Kitchens that get hot when stovetop cooking or baking in an oven is in full swing are probably going to be one of the warmest areas of your home. Window fans that can exhaust hot air quickly are particularly beneficial in kitchens.

Larger rooms like living rooms can be best served by a fan that offers oscillation, which sends a fan’s airflow over a wider stretch of space. Bedrooms can benefit from tower fans because they’re emitting air at about the same height as the top of a bed.

Too often, homeowners don’t consider that cooling down staircases and hallways are just as important as other spaces in the house. The stuffy, humid air that hangs in those areas will eventually infiltrate individual rooms and diminish the effect of the fan’s output. Air circulators that can send a strong current of air in a straight line are especially well-suited to lengthy rooms, halls and stairways.

To get the best fan model for the needs of your household, consider how and where the fan will be used, and you’ll select the right unit for your family’s needs.

5. Lighting

Apartment Therapy noted that lamps are often overlooked when it comes to home design. Leave the harsh glare of overhead lighting and instead go with multiple lamps that offer a soft, warm glow. This lighting is more flattering and will inspire people to spend more time in space.

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