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How to organize your home with the help of Feng Shui

How to Organize Your Home With the Help of Feng Shui


If you’re interested in reorganizing your home to create a better flow and more positive energy, it’s a good idea to incorporate techniques from the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui. Some believe that this practice, which involves putting furniture in specific formations, can bring luck and prosperity. While this is up for debate, these tried-and-true methods of organization can make a positive difference in the composition and atmosphere of your home.

What Exactly is Feng Shui?

According to Real Simple magazine, Feng Shui, which literally translates to “wind and water,” is based on the idea that your home is a reflection of you. Those who practice it believe that by creating harmonious energy in your living space, you are able to create harmonious energy throughout the rest of your life. By enhancing the flow of “chi” or spiritual life force, you are opening yourself up to happiness, wealth and health, explains HGTV. Whether or not you are searching for spiritual enhancement, the technique also supports good interior design practices.

What Colors Should You Use?

​One of the most prominent colors in Feng Shui is red. This tone is said to represent life and energy, as well as passion. HGTV reports that by incorporating it into your space, Feng Shui experts believe it will encourage love and happiness. It also thought to promote good health and reduce depression.

Looking to add some Feng Shui to your workspace? Black and blue are colors that are associated with concentration, creativity, and inner work. Green is believed to encourage internal change, growth, action, and decisiveness, while yellow is viewed as a color connected to happiness and hope. Metallic and white hues symbolize focus, purity, and carefulness, notes the source.

Figure out what your goals are for each space and try to bring in elements in the corresponding colors. Want to create a productive office space? Try using space heaters and tower fans in subtle white or metallic colors to motivate you and support focus.

How Should You Arrange Your Living Room?

Real Simple explains that when organizing your living room, you should put the couch against a solid wall rather than in the center of your space – this encourages conversation and openness. All of the seating options should be fairly close to foster human connection. The source notes that you should try to have a circular coffee table so that no harsh corners are pointing directly toward anyone in the room, but that it is important to have a variety of shapes throughout the space.

The source explains that if you have too many uncovered windows, the positive energy you have created in the room can fly right out. Try using blinds, drapes or window fans to block the chi from leaving. If you love being able to watch outside happenings, hang a crystal in your window to redirect the good energy back into your space. Even though you are covering windows it is important to flood the space with lights, so make sure you have plenty of lamps.

How Should You Arrange the Dining Room?

First, it is important that you use your dining room in a productive way. Even if you rarely eat meals there, avoid making it a dumping ground for junk mail and toys. Try using it for homework or playing games a few nights each week. It is also important that this room remains consistent with the rest of your home. So do not decorate it in a more formal style than your other rooms.

If you are getting a chandelier, aim for one made from brass, bronze or crystals. Make sure it does not have any sharp edges that point directly at one seat. This could bring bad luck in that direction. Real Simple notes that having a round table is ideal if it fits in your space since it promotes conversation and togetherness.

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