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Weatherize your home to cool it down in summer

Weatherize your home to cool it down in summer


Weatherization is as much help to homeowners in the summer as it is in the winter. Filling gaps that allow cool air to escape your home or warm air to seep inside is one of the most effective ways to keep your home naturally cool.

Finding places to plug is easy enough – gaps around doors and windows will be apparent and any connections into the house such as pipes, gas and water meters or utility cables may need caulking around their entry points. Check loose shingles or siding and go over the foundation to find cracks that need filling.

According to the American Institute of Architects, even small leaks around your windows can do as much damage to energy efficiency as door drafts. Seal up gaps with caulking or self-stick weather-stripping to save energy and money. Doors should have weather-stripping along the sides and top of the frame, but a door sweep is the most efficient way to stop drafts leaking from the bottom of the door.

Make good use of fans
Even with good weatherization, there are going to be warm and humid days when your home just isn’t cool enough. Rather than rely on air conditioning, which  can cause a spike in your utility bills, turn to electric fans to provide a cooling breeze.

Buy the right room fans for your needs. Consider the amount of space you need to cool, the particular areas of the home where you’ll situate the fans and what their function will be. For instance, high velocity fans have more power and are best-suited to cooling a garage or basement workshop, but a smaller desktop fan will provide enough energy to cool the work area of your home office.

Like weatherization, programmable thermostats may be thought of as a useful tool only in winter, but they can have the same effect in summer. Use it to keep your home at a comfortable and consistent temperature. By pre-setting the thermostat at a higher temperature, the device won’t turn on until it reaches that level. For times when the family is away for several hours or during the night when everyone is asleep, controlling when the thermostat will turn on can lead to a significant savings on your utility bill.

With these steps, saving energy is a year-long process whether your aim is to keep your home cool in summer or warm in winter.

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