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Add outdoor fans for comfort on patios and other outside spaces

Add outdoor fans for comfort on patios and other outside spaces


When you’re furnishing an outdoor living space, adding a fan to a patio or deck may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But if you want to disperse summertime bugs, don’t like the discomfort of high humidity and want your family and guests to be comfortable in a cool breeze, then an outdoor fan can help with all these issues.

Oscillating outdoor fans create a steady, widespread breeze that circulates throughout porches, balconies and any outdoor area where your family and guests gather. These electric fans are equipped with weather-resistant cords and fan casings that are safe to leave outside.

Outdoor fans have several settings and operate quietly so they won’t be a distraction to conversation. The tower style takes up very little floor space and can be placed out of the way, but with such an attractive design, the fan can be left in the midst of other furnishings. The stylish look is versatile enough to be paired with either traditional or contemporary decor.

Whether you have a back porch that gets stuffy or you want relief from hot, humid days, an outdoor fan is a great investment.

Special features
Outdoor fans have conveniences similar to indoor fans, including remote controls that allow you to get comfortable on your patio without having to get up to turn the device on and off.

But they also have distinctive features that are particularly helpful in outdoor living areas. Accent lights at the top of the fan provide a soft, attractive glow for a gathering and just enough lighting to let you see your way around the patio and deck during nighttime use.

The Misto outdoor misting fan, a good choice to take on outings as well as a great fan for home use, gives new meaning to cooling down. The fan has a 90-degree pivot that can direct the mist flow and automatic louvers to enable a wide sweep of misting. With three speeds, grounded outdoor cords and rust- and weather-resistant construction, the Misto will provide many seasons of cooling fun.

The fan doesn’t require tools to assemble the mister, which has a 9-foot hose that attaches to a standard garden hose for the water source. There’s a water shut-off valve and the misting kit comes off the fan for easy cleaning.

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