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Tips for hosting a successful open house

Tips for Hosting a Successful Open House


As you look to sell your home, chances are your realtor will recommend holding several open house tours so that potential buyers can explore your space. These are important since many people will use this first impression to make their final decision. Make the most out of your open house with these tips.

Advertise Well 

What is the point of holding a public home tour if nobody comes to it? Make sure you plaster local areas as well as your own front lawn with signage, noted Realtor Mag. In total, you should distribute between 20 and 40 signs at least a week ahead of time for maximum yield. Additionally, try to publicize the event on the Internet and in regional newspapers. Tell your friends and loved ones to share the information by word of mouth.

Be Friendly 

The purpose of this event is to make everyone coming through your front door feel at home. Make sure you greet them with a smile and introduce yourself, making it clear that you are willing to answer any questions they may have. Most people like to check out properties on their own or with their realtor, so try not to disturb their inspection process. If you are working with a realtor and will not be in attendance at your home’s open house, make sure you have chosen a broker with a friendly disposition.

Prepare the House 

According to HGTV, the process of preparing the home to look neutral, clean and ready to be moved into is known as “staging”. First, de-clutter the entire house. Remove personal trinkets, trash, laundry baskets full of clothes and any other things that could be seen as messy by a potential buyer – this includes family photographs, which will prevent people from picturing themselves in the house.

Make sure not to shove these things in a closet, though – people usually open them to see how big they are. Try keeping them in organized bins in whatever space you use for storage. Similarly, organize your kitchen cabinets, bookcases and laundry room. You probably do not think to maintain these areas on a daily basis, but people looking to invest in a house want to make sure that every corner is just right.

Check that all your furniture is in good shape and place it in positions that show off your floor plan and maximize your space. Bank Rate noted that if you have new floors or good-quality hardwood, you should remove your area rugs. Not only does it make the room feel bigger, but it will also show off a huge asset.

To increase the appeal of your house, make sure that guests are comfortable when they get inside. If it is the winter, make sure you take their coats and have space heaters running. Offering them a hot beverage is an extra step many will appreciate. In the summer, create a cooling breeze with a pedestal fan and have fresh lemonade ready to hand out.

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