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Cool your home by blocking sun's heat indoors

Cool your home by blocking sun’s heat indoors


If you’re already considering ways to avoid using your air conditioner this summer, you’ve taken the first step toward saving energy in your home. But that raises the question of how you plan to keep your home comfortably cool during summer’s hottest days. There are bound to be some heat waves, and when they hit, you need to be ready with cooling alternatives.

Mostly, that has to do with blocking the entry of sunlight into your home because light brings heat in with it and raises the indoor temperature by 10 to 20 degrees, according to Daily Finance. At the same time, you should take advantage of natural light as much as possible to avoid using too much electricity.

There are a number of products on the market that can help block heat, but let the sun shine through indoors. Solar mesh screening will reflect more sunlight away from your house than regular window screening and block as much as 60 to 70 percent of the heat that hits the windows.

Reflective film attached to windows can cut solar energy entering through the glass by about 40 to 60 percent without blocking light. In addition, by simply drawing drapes to block sunlight can greatly reduce the amount of the sun’s heat allowed into your home during the day.

Fans and light bulbs
Using window fans that exhaust hot air to the outside can reduce the heat in your home significantly. If you run your air conditioner just long enough to chill the room and use an electric fan at the same time, the fan will circulate the air and keep the room cool well after the air conditioner is shut off.

The type of light bulbs you use also can reduce the amount of heat in your home. While standard incandescent bulbs give off 10 percent light and 90 percent heat, compact fluorescent bulbs do just the opposite. The energy they use provides 90 percent light while giving off only 10 percent heat. LED lights also provide substantially more illumination than standard bulbs but emit low heat.

By maintaining weather stripping and caulking around doors, windows and any pipes leading to the outside from your home, you can also prevent cool air from escaping and hot air from seeping into your house.

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