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Direction of your home may influence how hot and cold air is retained

Direction of your home may affect retention of hot and cold air


Unless you’re a feng shui aficionado, you may not give much thought to the direction your home faces. But it could have an effect on how well your house retains cool air in summer and heat during the winter.

According to MSN, the orientation of your dwelling determines how much sunlight streams into the home and can affect how hot or cold it gets. If you live in a cold climate for instance, a southern-facing house has greater exposure to the sun and absorbs passive heating.

Houses in hot climates that face north avoid having strong ultraviolet rays from entering the home. However, in a south-facing house you can add an overhang from the roof to reduce the heat from sun exposure.

This is just one of the ways that windows will affect the way heat and cold are retained by your home and how homeowners are able to minimize or maximize the situation. They can also be used to your advantage when situating electric fans around your house. By placing them strategically, you can create an indoor cross current of air in areas of your dwelling where you may not normally generate a breeze from windows.

If you do have windows across from each other, increase their ability to cool your house by placing window fans in those openings and you’ll be able to cut down on the amount of time you run your air conditioner.

To block or not block
Another way to keep your home cooler this summer is to place solar film on single-paned windows or if you live in a hot climate. They will help to reflect the light back to the outside. Hanging solar shades on those windows will have the same effect.

How trees are located on your property will also influence how your home retains heat and cool air. If it’s more important for you to absorb heat from south-facing windows in winter, then leave trees that obscure those windows in place.

However, during the summer be prepared for that part of the house to get hotter than other areas. It’s then that a box fan will come in handy to keep the temperature down, and pulling down a shade or drawing the curtains will add to its efficiency.

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