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Household needs affect how well fans perform

Household needs affect how well fans perform


How do you know if you’ve gotten the right electric fan for your needs? When you’ve considered all the conditions that determine what model fan is best for the room you’re trying to cool down, you’ve made the right choice.

For instance, the size and purpose of a room are important factors when you think of how well the cooled air will reach the space and whether it’s room with lots of activity or a more relaxed setting. If there are windows in the room, they can affect how much heat comes into the space on a hot day, which may require a larger fan.

Other concerns that need to be addressed are whether you want the whole space to be cooled equally or if concentrating the air flow in one spot, like a desk in a home office, will be enough. The type of air flow that’s available in a room is also important. A room with two windows that are across from each other, for instance, can create a cross breeze that can be enhanced by a fan’s breeze action.

Match fans to the space
It goes without saying that some rooms are going to be hotter than others. Kitchens that get hot when stovetop cooking or baking in an oven are in full swing are probably going to be one of the warmest areas of your home. Window fans that can exhaust hot air quickly are particularly beneficial in kitchens.

Larger rooms like living rooms can be best served by a fan that offers oscillation, which sends a fan’s air flow over a wider stretch of space. Bedrooms can benefit from tower fans because they’re emitting air at about the same height as the top of a bed.

Too often, homeowners don’t consider that cooling down staircases and hallways is just as important as other spaces in the house. The stuffy, humid air that hangs in those areas will eventually infiltrate individual rooms and diminish the effect of the fan’s output. Air circulators that can send a strong current of air in a straight line are especially well-suited to lengthy rooms, halls and stairways.

To get the best fan model for the needs of your household, consider how and where the fan will be used, and you’ll select the right unit for your family’s needs.

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