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Use these tips to upgrade your living conditions and boost your family's well being.

Take These Steps to Create a Healthier Home


Keeping your family healthy is undoubtedly your top priority. You bundle up your loved ones when they head out into the cold, cook them soup when they’re sick and bandage all paper cuts and scraped knees. One of the most important parts of having a healthy family is having a healthy home. Improving the quality of your house involves a few elements, from practicing eco-friendly habits to choosing safe kitchen utensils. Use these tips to upgrade your living conditions and boost your family’s well-being.


The washroom is an excellent place to start your healthy home facelift since many items kept here contain harmful chemicals. Environmental Working Group explains that most air fresheners are made with toxins and could be hurting your loved ones if they constantly breathe them in. Additionally, it’s a good idea to reevaluate what brands of toothpaste and hand soap you are purchasing. Stay away from anti-bacterial hand wash and toothpaste that contains triclosan. Ditch vinyl shower curtains, since these contain harmful phthalates, notes This Old House. Try to keep the use of products like hair spray and perfume to a minimum.


Start improving your kitchen by caulking up cracks or holes, since these are often enticing to bugs and mice that can bring disease inside. This Old House suggests going through your cabinets and tossing any plastic containers made with BPA since this chemical is speculated to contribute to illness. Clean your refrigerator regularly and be sure to change its filter every six months. Additionally, the source recommends filtering your drinking water to make sure it is as clean and safe as possible.

Make your kitchen habits greener by installing countertops made with bamboo, which is an environmentally-friendly option, according to Better Homes and Gardens magazine. When purchasing produce, look for fruits and vegetables grown with little or no pesticides. Try to avoid fish with high levels of mercury, and stop buying snack food that is processed and high in sugar.

Living Room 

Since your family spends hours relaxing here, it’s important to make sure it is conducive to good health. First, pay attention to the air in this room. If someone in your family smokes, tell them they need to do so outside. This Old House suggests opening the windows whenever possible since indoor air contains more chemicals than outdoor air. Bring in a few potted plants as well – not only are these bright design elements, but they also help clean the air. Incorporating air purifiers with HEPA filters are another great way to ensure your family is breathing safe air.

If your living room has hardwood floors, the source recommends getting rid of any chemical-based cleaning solutions you might be using in favor of either lemon oil and water or vinegar and water. These mixtures are effective without using irritants. Additionally, make sure to regularly clean devices like remote controls and telephones. Wash blankets and upholstery on a routine basis as well.

Laundry Area 

Try to choose cleaning products that are green, notes Environmental Working Group. Read labels carefully and do more in-depth research if you still have questions, since many companies do not put every ingredient on the label. This Old House recommends making sure that your dryer vents lead to the outside since this releases moisture that might otherwise cause mold to develop. If you’re looking for a greener washer, the source suggests purchasing a steam model, since this helps eliminate allergens.

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