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Consider where your fans will be placed for their best performance

Consider where your fans are placed for their best performance


Before you choose an electric fan, consider the environment where it will be used. For instance, you’re asking too much of the appliance if your windows are drafty and your home isn’t well insulated. You’ll be surprised at the difference some weather stripping can make to help fans retain cool air indoors on even the sultriest days of summer.

Determine where you will plug in your fans. Don’t use an outlet that’s already servicing a number of other appliances or electronic devices, because the circuit could become overloaded. However, since you’ll cool down certain rooms only at times when they’re occupied, try sharing outlets by pulling the plug on some devices when the fan is needed more.

Wherever you place fans to work in tandem with air conditioning, they’ll help you save energy and lower your utility bill. Also, whether they’re window fans or desktop models, fans direct a cool breeze to areas where you need it most.

Helpful features
There are many fans that are built for safety as well as convenience. Fused safety plugs, for instance, will detect a potentially dangerous electrical fault and automatically shut off the fan.

Fans should also be dusted periodically. Pet hair, airborne particles and dust can accumulate in the crevices of the fan base and on the blades. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, most fans are easily disassembled for occasional vacuuming.

Don’t just leave the fans in one place and forget about it. Moving your fans to where they’re needed most, and locating them strategically to spread cooled air, will ensure that your appliances is  working at an optimum level.

The safest place to put your electric fans is on a flat surface. Some floor models come with small knobs that keep them slightly elevated and add to their stability. However, always set up your fans in places out of the reach of children and pets.

Many fans also have timers for when you forget to turn them off or to allow only as much cooling that you need for the space you’re in. Automatic shut-off features are handy, particularly when you’ve turned in for the night and don’t want to get out of bed to turn off the fan.

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