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Floor fans are efficient and powerful choices for home cooling

Floor fans are efficient and powerful choices for home cooling


Floor fans offer homeowners great performance when it comes to circulating air in a hot house. They’re efficient and powerful, and tall models like pedestal fans can move air at a height that disperses heat as it rises.

Using electric fans in tandem with air conditioning has proven to be an energy-saving move for consumers. By cooling a room with air conditioning until it reaches a comfortable temperature, then running fans after the air conditioner is turned off, the fan breeze will continue to keep a room cool and use less electricity.

Speed and power
When choosing a floor fan, you should consider where you’ll locate it and how large an area you want to cool off. Although they typically come with three speeds, a floor fan that’s run at its highest speed will provide faster rotation of its blades and greater air circulation. A stronger fan breeze is able to cool an area that encompasses several rooms.

If the fan head is equipped to rotate vertically or horizontally, homeowners can focus the breeze in a given direction. That’s particularly helpful when certain spots in your house become hotter than others, or if you’re busy in one part of the house where heat is building up. For instance, cooking a meal in the kitchen will most likely make that one of the hottest parts of your home while the stove and other heat-generating appliances are at work.

Size and noise
Often the choice of a fan comes down to how much space it will take up and how much noise it will make. The quietest fans work best in bedrooms where they may be run throughout a hot night and can’t disturb someone who’s sleeping.

A general rule of thumb regarding fan noise is that the larger and faster the fan, the more noise it will make. When noise is factor, homeowners should consider where the fan will be used, how much area it has to cover and what activities take place there.

Pedestal fans are very versatile because they provide widespread cooling in a variety of room settings. They don’t take up much floor space, but need room around the fan head for circulation to occur at optimal strength. Some come with compact fan heads and adjustable heights to fit into tight quarters.

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